Remaining Connected: Urban Omnibus

We hear from the LP’s Hatuey Ramos-FermínCievel Xicohtencatl and Erica Rawles about the challenges of moving in and meeting the neighbors in the short term, and how they are working to build a shared vision with their community for the next ten years.

The Nonprofit That Puts Art Inside Laundromats (And Wherever Else People Are)

Read Next City’s story on The Laundromat Project’s move to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

“There’s this opportunity of being embedded in place that offers you a chance to build deeper trust, be held accountable to people and a neighborhood,” says community engagement manager Cievel Xicohtencatl, who worked closely within the Kelly Street Collaborative. Over five years, local residents were consistently engaged to determine how best the space could support them, as well as Bronx-based artists, educators and community leaders. Offerings included art installations inside the apartment, workshops on knitting, community weaving projects and summer block parties.”

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